Under 9 Mixed

Glenn Downs, 2020 Under 9’s Coach
Name: Glenn Downs
Nickname: Downsy
Coaching age group? Under 9’s
How long have you been involved with the Caroline Springs Football Club for? 8 years, Came to Caroline springs for the first Senior Team.

Coaching and/or previous Football experience? I have played nearly 200 games in the WRFL, started at Albanvale football Club and then with Caroline Springs. Loved playing in the midfield and resting in the Forward line sneaking a few goals. My first coaching role was under 9’s in 2019 and I loved every minute……well maybe not every minute, Sunday getting up soooooo early!!

Goals you hope to achieve for your team in 2020? Seeing the kids learn the basics, where the FWD, Back
and Midfield are positioned, increase confidence in each player and most of all, make sure everyone is
having FUN!!

Favourite AFL team? Who Else, BOMBERS!!

Favourite AFL player – past or present? Tippa and Patrick Cripps!! Also loved watching James Hird back
in the day! What do you love the most about coaching? The players eagerness to learn and being a part of building
a base for all players to become GREAT footballers. How do you motivate your team before a game? How do you get them fired up? Pre-game ritual? We all
jog on the spot, I call a number, let’s say 7, they then (as a group) counts from 1 to 7 as loud as they
can while now running on the spot. Start High and work my way down to 1. What is your go to message when a game is on the line? Or do you have a saying that you always tend to say and are known for? Under 9’s do not score but I always make sure that they push and push right to
the end.

Who is your pick to win the 2020 AFL Grand Final? Hate to say it, Richmond Again!!!