Caroline Springs Football Club Registration

2020 season registration fees

All community sporting clubs work extremely hard to produce revenue and raise enough funds to keep their clubs viable. While we are committed to ensure that our sport is accessible to everyone and that participation rates remain high, the costs associated with running our football club are not insignificant. The Caroline Springs Football Club is a $500,000 business and we rely on a combination of sponsorship, direct revenue and fundraising to maintain our business. In 2019, our fundraising results fell well short of our forecast, with overall participation rates in fundraising activities being below that of previous years. This has placed financial pressure on the club. The Executive Committee considered adding a fundraising levy to the 2020 registration price as one part of our overall strategic plan, however to ensure that there is added value for our members, we have decided to include a ticket for the major fundraising raffle in the cost of junior registration. 


The cost of a senior registration in 2020 is $495. The registration price includes all club league fees, as well as all match day payment fees.

A 12 week payment plan is available starting on the day you register. This will incur a processing fee and will be displayed on the payment page.

While the upfront cost of senior registration appears to have increased significantly, the 2020 prices have been set to include all match day payment fees. When compared to 2019 pricing, the registration price has only increased by $15 for the year. As in previous years, it is expected that all senior contracted players sell a minimum of three tickets to the CSFC major fundraising car raffle.

All registrations are required to be paid in full prior to round 1 2020. As has always been the case, the club can be contacted at to discuss any individual circumstances and alternative payment plans.